Trans Health Care Rights

Trans Health Care Know Your Rights (National)

Health Care Rights of Transgender People and How to File complaints of Discrimination. (via National Center for Trans Equality)

Transgender Rights Toolkit: Overcoming Health Care Discrimination (via Lambda Legal)
FAQ on Access to Transition-Related Care (via Lambda Legal)
FAQ About Health Provider Discrimination (via Lambda Legal)

Information About Filing Medicare Appeals and Complaints
How Do I File an Appeal?
Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage: How to Request a Coverage Determination, File an Appeal, or File a Complain
Forms and other information for prescription drug appeals
Contact Information for Regional CMS (Medicare) Offices
Transgender People and the Social Security Administration

This map shows which states have prohibited prohibit private health insurance plans sold in the state from having exclusions for transition-related care and which states have clarified that the state Medicaid program covers transition-related care. In other states, individuals who are denied medically necessary transition-related care may complain to their health plan, to state enforcement agencies, or to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


Trans Health Care Know Your Rights (Colorado)

Information About Filing Health Care Discrimination in Colorado 
What Coloradans Need to Know About the Division of Insurance (DOI) Recent Bulletin on Health Insurance (via One Colorado)
Division of Insurance (DOI) Bulletin - Insurance Unfair Practices Act Prohibitions on Discrimination Based Upon Sexual Orientation
How to File a Complaint with Division of Insurance
FAQ: When Your Health Carrier Says NO (via Department of Regulatory Agencies)
How to File a Complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division






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