Current Campaigns

Justice4Nate Campaign

Survivors Organizing for Liberation/BSeedz calls on our communities of individuals, families and organizations in joining us as we support and stand in solidarity with Nate Mancha, a 25-year old Latino gay man who defended himself against homophobic hate violence. After 8 months in jail, Nate went to trial and was convicted of Felony Assault, and is currently serving a 32 year sentence. This case fits a disturbing trend of people of color and LGBTQ people facing prosecution for defending their lives.

Ways to Support Nate

Spread the Word – Share the campaign on social media! Use hashtags #justice4nate #natemancha Visit to find out more and connect to us on social media 

Write Nate a Letter – While Nate awaits trial consider writing him a message of solidarity. He appreciates your support, words of advice, and positive energy. Let him know he is not alone in this fight. Send your message to and include a return address if you'd like a reply from Nate.



Trans Shelter Access Campaign

The 2013 Violence Against Women (VAWA) reauthorization included a grant condition stating that VAWA funded programs cannot exclude survivors from programs based on gender identity (among other listed identities).

In April 2014, VAWA released a set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide guidance to programs in implementing the new grant condition.  SOL will continue to provide training, support and resources as Colorado programs move towards greater inclusion for LGBTQIA survivors of violence.